The Book

the book

메카트로닉스와 계측시스템, 인터비젼

메카트로닉스 전문서. 메카트로닉스에 필요한 가장 기본적이고 필수적인 기본이론부터 적용사례까지 기술하고 있다. 회로와 전자이론뿐 아니라,인터페이싱, 센서, 그리고 메카트로닉스 시스템 설계 등에 대한 전체적인 지식을 전달한다. 실용적인 예제와 문제로 지식을 구체화하는 데 도움을 준다.

Teaching Classes

MECH226 Dynamics
This classes focuses on the kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies, which will be the basis of designing a machine, automation system, and their control. Also, force, mass, acceleration, work and energy, impact, and moment will be taught as the fundamental principles for solving dynamics problems.

MECH763 Manufacturing Automation
s This class focuses on the control system architecture in detail, which is basically a motion control system. After finishing the class, you will be able to understand and design a machine tool control system as well as a general motion control system.

MECH458 Measurement Systems
This class focuses on the basic principles of measurement, method, and time and frequency analysis of measured data. Also, included are analog and digital circuits, data acquisition, computer interfacing. Based on this knowledge, will be learn various sensors used in mechanical engineering field, such as stress/strain, force/torque, temperature, pressure, acceleration, displacement, etc.

MECH766 Micro Processor Based System Design
Learn basic knowledge for embedded system design, ARM processor based hardware and software design. Includes lecture and lab practice.