The Mechatronics & Field Robotics Lab. is part of the School of Mechanical Engineering & Automotive Convergence at Korea University.

We carry out foundational interdisciplinary researches on mechatronics, robotics, and control engineering, and perform real-field applications of various advanced technologies.

The robotic systems developed in the Mechatronics & Field Robotics Lab., which is called 'Field Robots', are mainly focused on such 'Field' applications as construction automation, military service, nuclear plant, underwater work, emergency rescue, etc.

Other than conventional robotic systems which include industrial robots or personal service robots, 'Field Robots' have following advantages; needs from consumers are very clear due to their specific application purposes, implementations are tangible with current technologies, and high price can be allowed since they are usually used in public sectors.

As well as field robot group, we explore various interdisciplinary mechatronics systems combining mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, medical science, and physics.

We also research Autonomous Vehicle with Hyundai Motor Group.

Examples researched in the Mechatronics & Field Robotics Lab : Robotic Building Construction, Endoscopic Surgical Robot System, Smart Exercise Machine, Intelligent Excavator System, Autonomous Vehicle, Developed 3D Printing Equipment.